Far Oaks – Hole By Hole

Hole 1

A slight dogleg left, Par 5. Hit drive center of fairway. Mid to short iron for the second shot. Avoid sand bunkers on the right.

Hole 2

Pay attention to the wind on this Par 3. Stay clear of bunkers.

Hole 3

A long dogleg right, Par 5. Keep drive right of fairway bunker, you cannot reach the green in two shots and try to avoid fairway bunker. Third shot is slightly uphill and will play a little longer than normal.

Hole 4

A straight-away Par 4. Keep drive left of center for best approach to the green. Use a mid to long iron for your second shot.

Hole 5

Par 4 with a two tiered green. Stay right of fairway sand bunker. Beware of tricky pin locations. Pay attention to the false front. OB right and left.

Hole 6

Straight-away Par 3. Be careful, a creek runs in front and left of the green.

Hole 7

A beautiful Par 4. Water and a sand trap runs along the left side of the green. Slight dogleg right. Hit drive center of fairway. Mid to short iron for the second shot. Avoid green side bunker.

Hole 8

A short Par 3. Be careful of wind above trees. Right side pin placement requires one club more.

Hole 9

A reachable Par 5, as long as you hit the fairway. Keep drive right of bunkers on left. Avoid trouble left on the second shot.

Hole 10

A slight dogleg right, Par 4. Must keep drive in fairway. Trouble is everywhere. Mid to long iron for the second shot.

Hole 11

Beautiful, slight dogleg left, Par 4. Hit drive towards bunker on right and hit it long. The second shot must be accurate. Trouble on the left.

Hole 12

Sharp dogleg left, risk reward Par 4. To play safe, keep drive right of bunkers. The brave can carry center bunker with a drive that carries 220 yards. Mid to short iron for second shot.

Hole 13

A long Par 3.
Avoid trouble to the right.

Hole 14

A downhill dogleg right, Par 5. Keep drive right of fairway bunker. Second shot is a layup to avoid the marsh area in front of the green. A long drive will allow you to go for the green in two shots.

Hole 15

The short dogleg left, Par 4. Hit a long iron or fairway wood off the tree over center of bunker at fairway. Short mid-iron for the second shot.

Hole 16

A great Par 3 from an elevated tee. Pay attention to the wind. From the elevated tee shot will play one club. The green feeds to the left.

Hole 17

An awesome downhill dogleg right, Par 4. Hit your drive just right of the fairway bunker avoiding the creek on the right. Your second shot is to an elevated green so make
sure you add a club.

Hole 18

Outstanding finishing Par 5. Hit your drive left center of the fairway. Water borders the entire right side. Lay up short of the island grass bunker on to the left of the island. This gives you a good approach shot to the green.








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